Can I obtain free products or samples?

Unfortunately Misslyn does not offer free products or samples. However, competitions are held periodically on our website (here) and on Facebook (here). Maybe you’ll be lucky and be one of the next winners!


Is there a blogger newsletter which I can register to?

Unfortunately a blogger newsletter does not exist in all countries in which MISSLYN products are available. However, you are welcome to send us your request and contact details to onlinemarketing@innovative-cosmetic-brands.de. We will then research whether there is a blogger distributor in your country and forward your contact details!


In which countries can I buy MISSLYN products?

Our world map indicates the countries in which MISSLYN products are available.

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How can I learn more about the ingredients in MISSLYN products?

Detailed information about the ingredients (INCIs) of all Misslyn products can be found here in our current INCI brochure.


Does MISSLYN conduct animal testing?

MISSLYN categorically refuses to conduct animal testing. Since the company’s foundation, I.C.B. innovative cosmetic brands GmbH has not conducted animal testing of cosmetic products and has also not outsourced them. Animal testing of decorative cosmetic products has already been prohibited since 1986 by the Animal Welfare Act. Since 1998 this has been applied to all finished cosmetic products. A corresponding prohibition also exists since March 2011 for cosmetic raw materials, a move absolutely welcomed by I.C.B. innovative cosmetic brands GmbH! Accordingly, raw materials which have been developed for cosmetics, should no longer be tested on animals with regard to their compatibility. I.C.B. innovative cosmetic brands GmbH also confirms that no animal testing is carried out by our suppliers. I.C.B. innovative cosmetic brands GmbH is against animal testing.


Are MISSLYN products also suitable for sensitive skin?

The skin compatibility of MISSLYN products is tested by an external independent dermatological institute, so that MISSLYN products may be deemed to be "dermatologically tested and suitable for sensitive skin". These application tests or patch tests (epicutaneous tests) are performed on human volunteers and are used to determine a product’s compatibility.




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