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Welcome to the MISSLYN diner! Sit back, relax and let us pamper you with our delicious treats!
For gorgeous apple cheeks, order our CUTIE PIE BRONZING POWDER.
Or how about a fresh glow to highlight your look? With our SWEETIE CUPCAKE TRIO HIGHLIGHTERS, resistance is futile.
Fancy trying something new on your nails? Us too! The new MilkeShake PERFUME NAIL POLISHES will be right up your street.
Can we tempt you with anything else from our beauty menu? Don’t forget our POWDER BRUSH!


Already after the polish has dried, a delicate, pleasant fragrance develops that makes you dream of yummy milkshakes on hot summer days.

In like manner,
02 “almond fudge“ entices with its fragrance of fresh almond milk,
06 “coconut kiss” captivates with its coconut fragrance,
08 “pink frappé“ is a fragrant red fruit mix and
12 “exotic crush” brings to mind delicious kiwis.
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This little treasure invites you take a bite: The apple pie design of the new Misslyn CUTIE PIE TRIO BRONZING BLUSH not only looks like something to eat, it gives your makeup the finishing touch.

Whether delicate blush or soft summer tan – with a hint of colour you become the cream topping on the cake. With our extra cute Bronzing Blush you accentuate your face in just one step: softly shimmering and as if kissed by the sun.
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The Misslyn Sweetie Cupcake TRIO HIGHLIGHTER is not just any highlighter. The gossamer-soft texture adapts perfectly to your skin and gives her just the right dose of Glow! The Trio powder can be easily applied with the brush and blended. The color tones match every complexion and provide a radiant effect for the whole day.
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You always wanted to achieve a desirable make-up result with uncomplicated application? The answer: The Misslyn POWDER BRUSH! It is perfect for all powders – whether pressed or loose – and thanks to its round and soft synthetic fibres, it leaves a delicate and even powder layer on your skin.

Forget the other powder and brush – the Misslyn POWDER BRUSH is the ideal tool for all occasions. The fibres pick up exactly the right amount of powder. Therefore, flowing and well-blended applications are not a problem!
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